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Branding for NAL Plant Hire

Branding… so much more than just a logo.

‘Your brand’… is what people say about you after you leave the room!

A business often makes the mistake of thinking that their brand is just ‘one’ thing, but in reality the branding experience is everything that a customer encounters when they visit your business, from advertising, to what they hear, to the customer service they receive, to the follow-up care you provide.

All these factors influence the decision within a customer whether or not to choose you initially or to return for repeat business. This is why being consistent with the way your business looks, promotes and acts at every point of contact is so important and why integrating your brand adds proven value to your company.

Creativefive’s innovative team have been creating brand identities for over twenty years. We have seen our original brands stand the test of time and watched small start up companies grow into multi million pound giants. A proud testament to our branding expertise.

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The integration of your brand throughout your business is important.

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