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Digital Marketing use across all devices

Welcome to the new kid on the block

Digital Marketing.

Over recent years the evolution of digital marketing has exploded into the business world like a hurricane. Terms like; Social Media Integration, Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising, Email Campaigning and Content Marketing are now all firmly fixed in the minds of both business and consumer audiences alike.

This is the new face of modern marketing and any business not embracing these techniques runs a serious risk of getting left behind.

Digital marketing is basically the art and science of selling products and services over digital channels, such as the internet and cellular phone networks.

Being successful is all about finding the right mix of online strategies that appeals to a target audience, with the goal of translating those strategies into sales.

Once you have the right mix, it’s critical to keep monitoring and analysing each channels results, checking the effectiveness and being prepared to change direction if needed.

To maximise opportunities, a good digital strategy should always include contingency plans to act swiftly to any new digital channel that may arise, as trends can change dramatically.

Our digital marketing services include;

  • Social Media Integration, Management & Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Web Design & Build
  • News & Blog Feeds
  • Mobile & Micro Sites
  • Apps
  • Infomercials
  • Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Adwords

Is your business a social animal?

It’s no great secret that a certain something called social media now touches just about everyone who has access to a computer or other mobile device.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are some of the most visited websites on the internet and have the power to turn a simple message into a powerful marketing campaign in an instant.

Utilising social networks to market your company is extremely cost-effective when compared to traditional advertising methods such as television, magazine, and newspapers. They also have the potential to reach out to a far greater audience as social media is now connecting the world population across the globe in a way that was not possible a few years ago.

Creating a successful digital marketing or social media strategy can be complex and confusing, with few businesses having neither the time nor the resources to do it effectively.

Why take the chance?

Our experienced digital marketing and social media teams can guide you through this minefield of digital confusion, providing services which can….

  • Assess the best social platforms to utilise
  • Set up and integrate your social media network
  • Create professional designs & templates
  • Post compelling and interesting content
  • Run email campaigns
  • Provide analytics and reports across all platforms
  • Conduct SEO/PPC & Adword campaigns
  • Design and manage blogging/news platforms

"Whoever tells the best stories, goes home with the most marbles" - Jeremy Waite

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